Effective on 1 April 2021, TMRW will only support devices on Android 8 or above. We strongly encourage Android users to update your device to the latest operating system to be able to access TMRW app. More info


Get up to Rp 800.000 in Shopee e-vouchers when you save and spend with TMRW

TMRW, Banking for the Digital Generation

• Earn up to 4% interest on your TMRW Account
• Up to 6% cashback on your TMRW Credit Card
• Receive reminders and alerts on upcoming spends and save in a fun way!


Rp 150.000

Shopee e-voucher

when you maintain your daily balance of at least Rp 1.500.000 in the month your account is opened and do at least 2 transactions using your TMRW Everyday account within 15 days of account opening  


Rp 350.000

Shopee e-voucher

when you complete previous step, maintain your daily balance of at least Rp 3.000.000 in your second month and maintain a daily balance of at least Rp 5.000.000 in your third month


Rp 300.000

Shopee e-voucher

when you spend Rp 1.000.000 on your TMRW Credit Card within 45 days of your card approval date

  • Download TMRW App via the icons below.

  • Ensure that your referral code TMRWSHOPEEID is filled in before you submit your application. Here’s how.

  • Maintain your daily balance of at least Rp 1.500.000 in the month your account is opened and do at least 2 transactions using your TMRW Everyday account within 15 days of account opening  
    (Your e-voucher will be sent to you in the TMRW app within 5 working days of fulfilling the requirement.)

  • Complete previous step and maintain your daily balance of at least Rp 3.000.000 in your second month and maintain a daily balance of at least Rp 5.000.000 in your third month
    (Your e-voucher will be sent to you in the TMRW app at the latest on 15th of the fourth month after the customer meets of fulfilling the requirements. If the 15th is a holiday, e-voucher will be sent on the subsequent business day)

  • Spend Rp 1.000.000 on your TMRW Credit Card within 45 days of card approval date.
    (Your e-voucher will be sent to you in the TMRW app within 5 working days of fulfilling the requirement.)

Make TMRW yours

Download the TMRW app on:

Note: Effective 1 April 2021, TMRW can only be accessed by devices with Android 8.0 or iOS11 and above

Terms and Conditions:
- This Promo applies for Customers who apply for TMRW within the period of 1 March – 30 June 2021. This Promo cannot be combined with other promo.
- Qualification for Gifts under this programme requires TMRW Account or TMRW Credit Card application to be submitted within the program period AND the fulfilment of relevant Qualified Actions.
- Daily balance will be calculated from the total balance of TMRW Everyday and Savings Account.
- The following transactions qualify for the promotion: top up GoPay / OVO with TMRW Application with any amount, bill payment with TMRW Application / Debit Card with any amount, spend using TMRW Application / Debit Card / QR with any amount, and Saving on TMRW Savings Account (City of TMRW) with any amount.
- The following transactions DO NOT qualify for the promotion: any kind of bank transfer, any kind of cash withdrawal with TMRW ATM / Debit Card, any kind of cash advance on TMRW Credit Card, and any kind of transaction using UOB Account except TMRW Everyday Account.

Please click here for partnership promotion T&Cs.

Shopee.com e-voucher Terms and Conditions:
- E-voucher is applicable for all categories in Shopee, except: voucher purchase, balance top up, bill payment, ticket, lifestyle, donation and financial product, and including but not limited to Goldbar, pre-paid sim card & e-money
- E-voucher valid for 1 month from when it is sent.
- E-voucher can only be used for one time transaction. Any remaining voucher amount is not refundable.