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Growing your savings is important to you because it keeps you ahead. That’s why we created TMRW Power Saver. Now you can look forward to bigger returns, thanks to high interest rates when you deposit for a minimum of one month.


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For savings and time deposits with an interest rate above the LPS guarantee rate and/or with a total balance exceeding Rp2 billion, the placement is not guaranteed by the LPS. Click here for more information regarding LPS interest rate:
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  1. Promotional interest rate is valid until 10 April 2023 - 2 Juni 2023 only for deposit placement via TMRW app.
  2. You may make placement with the promotional rates up to 8 deposit placements per customer. We have the right to adjust or revoke the entitlement of promo rate after the 8th deposit placement made.
  3. When your placement matures and is automatically renewed, the regular interest rate will apply to the renewed placements.
  4. The regular interest rate is 4% p.a. with deposit amount of Rp8.000.000 - Rp500.000.000

- Terms and Conditions governing TMRW Power Saver
- TMRW Power Saver Product Summary Information


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