Get to THB3,300 when apply for TMRW
with code KEXXTMRW0422

Meet TMRW the Digital Bank for Gen-Y.

  • • Earn up to 1.3% p.a. interest for the first THB 1 million*
  • • Up to 3% cashback on your TMRW Credit Card
  • • Receive reminders and alerts on upcoming spends and save in a fun way!

Get them all THB3,300


Kerry eCoupon

when you apply TMRW + and top up THB5,000 into TMRW Everyday account + spend at least 1 transaction within 30 days 
(bill payment/ debit card spending/ QR code payment)

If you have difficulties going to TMRW kiosk, you can use mobile authentication service, simply chat with us.


Get 50% Cashback

into TMRW Credit Card account

when you spend TMRW credit card on dining category (Max THB500/calendar month, Max THB3,000/ entire campaign) for 6 consecutive months

Get instant credit with the brand new TMRW Cashplus
Enjoy 0% interest rate on your loans for the first 2 billing cycles
when choosing flexible minimum 2.5% repayment

How To Get The Rewards
  • Download the TMRW App via the icons below.

  • Ensure the promo code is filled in before you submit your application.

    Look out for a pop-up with the promo code when you click “Apply Now”.

    If there is no promo code, please close the app and scan QR Code again. Promo code KEXXTMRW0422 should now appear on this screen.

    Your promo code should also appear when you do a final check of your application.

    If you don’t see the promo code on either screen, don’t worry! Just click this button and enter the promo code yourself.

  • Top up THB5,000 into your TMRW Everyday account and maintain the accounts balance until the end of the application month. If your TMRW accounts are opened from 16th of the application month onwards, you need to maintain the accounts balance until the end of the following month + spend 1 transaction
    (You will receive THB300 Kerry eCoupon.)

  • Get 50% cashback when you you spend TMRW credit card for dining transaction (Max THB500/ calendar month) for 6 consecutive months.
    (You will receive maximum accumulated THB3,000 into TMRW credit card.)

Make TMRW yours

Download the TMRW app on:

Terms & Conditions:

TMRW Account or TMRW Credit Card applications during the period of April 1 – 30 June 2022 are eligible for this TMRW Partnership Referral Campaign.

Get THB300 Kerry eCoupon (THB100x3) when apply TMRW upon condition.
1. Top up at least THB 5,000 into your TMRW Everyday account and maintain the accounts balance until the end of the application month. If your TMRW accounts are opened from 16th of the application month onwards, you need to maintain the accounts balance until the end of the following month. (Remaining balance at month end will be calculated from both TMRW Everyday and TMRW Savings accounts together.)
2. Spend 1 transaction of TMRW Debit Card Payment or Bill Payment or QR Payment with minimum spending of THB 100 (excluding ATM withdrawals) within 30 days of opening your TMRW Account.
3. You will receive Kerry eCoupon in Kerry Express Application within 45 days from the end of every month.

Value of reward is equivalent to the increase of 6% interest p.a. calculated from value of reward THB300 for THB 5,000 deposit amount for 1 year.
*1.3% p.a. interest for the first THB 1 million and 0.25% p.a. interest thereafter.

Get 50% cashback up to THB3,000 when apply and spend TMRW credit card upon condition.
1. This promotional campaign is only reserved for TMRW credit card issued in Thailand which get approved during April 1 - June 30, 2022 and eligible users must have accumulated spending via TMRW Credit Card from 4,000 baht or more per month during the 50% cashback period. 
2. This promotional campaign is applied for new customer s who never use TMRW or/and UOB Credit Cards, or has cancelled the products for more than 6 months. 
3. Get 50% cashback for dining transactions for 6 months with maximum cashback 500 baht/month beginning on the 1st day of the following month of credit card approval. (For Example, User who gets credit card approved on April 15, 2022 and spends according to the condition will get 50% cashback maximum 500 baht/month from May 1 – Oct 31, 2022).
4. The Spending participated in this cashback promotional benefit will be calculated only from dining transactions using MCC (Merchant Category Code) defined by VISA and MasterCard as followed: Caterers (5811), Eating Places and Restaurants (5812), Drinking Places (5813), Fast Food Restaurants (5814), Candy, nut and confectionery Stores (5441), Bakeries (5462), Package Stores –Beer, Wine and Liquor (5921) (Exclude Hotel Restaurants), and calculated based on the transaction date.
5. The bank will credit money into TMRW Credit Card account within 45 days from the end of every month. 
6. Credit into credit card account cannot change/exchange or change for cash and cannot be transferred to other people.
7. The TMRW credit cardholders must maintain the card membership status and not default on payment until the daythe bank  delivers Cashback benefit.
8. For more information, please chat with TMRW Contact Center via Live chat on TMRW Application.

Employees of United Overseas Bank Public Company Limited can participate in this promotion only TMRW credit card application, employees applying for TMRW account cannot participate in this promotion.

Kerry eCoupon Terms & Conditions

- Kerry eCoupon is a discount on delivery and can only be used with Kerry Express services.
- Kerry eCoupon is valid from 1 May - 30 September 2022.
- THB100 Kerry eCoupon has no minimum usage per sales slip.
- For payment via TMRW credit card or debit card issued within Thailand only.
- Kerry eCoupon cannot be redeemed/changed for cash or can be used as a discount for next time.
- In case of cancellation of delivery, Kerry eCoupon is non-refundable.
- This Kerry eCoupon is non-transferable.
- In case of disputes, The decision of United Overseas Bank Public Company Limited and Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited is final.
- Other terms and conditions are according to United Overseas Bank Public Company Limited and Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited.- Additional information, Please contact Kerry Customer Service Center 1217 daily from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The mobile phone number you registered to open a TMRW account will be sent to Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited in order to send Kerry eCoupon to you through the Kerry Express Loyalty Club membership system in My Reward Page. If the mobile phone number registered with TMRW has not been subscribed to Kerry Express Loyalty Club, you need to subscribe it with Kerry to continue enjoying the benefits.

Terms of TMRW CashPlus 0% interest for 2 billing cycles

1. This campaign is valid from April 1 – 30 June, 2022 for new customers who apply for TMRW CashPlus and get approved by July 16, 2022. 
2. The bank will charge 0% interest for the first 2 billing cycles when making minimum payment. After that, the interest rate charged will be 25% per year.
3. The bank will charge interest, fines, service charges and any fees combined not more than the maximum interest rate set by the Bank of Thailand, in which thecurrent maximum interest rate is 25% per year.